Industrial Manufacturing


National Analytics and Flow Systems joined together to design a test system for characterizing all aspects of vehicle manifold valves manufactured by Borg Warner. The interface structure offers an unlimited degree of flexibility in that it allows engineers the ability to define and execute an unlimited combination of test routines guided by advanced conditional routing of test execution based on test status. Extensive use of dynamic vi’s gave the system a tremendous level of modularity. Individual analysis routines can be created and called by the main interface allowing seamless integration of new analysis data into reports. All data acquisition channels including analog in/out, digital in/out, RS-232/485, CAN, and frequency generation can be fully defined and used in any portion of the test sequence. Each channel is equipped with two sets of forth order polynomial coefficients allowing for calibration and unit conversion. An elaborate manual operation mode enables the engineer to perform all I/O functions of the test system at the touch of a button.