PORTâ„¢ Remote Monitoring and Control

  Intelligently track your assets in the field with our web-based realtime monitoring and control system  


  Features of the Monitor and Control System include:

    Flexible I/O supporting connected sensors and Modbus devices.

    Ability to handle the harsh operating environment

    Alarm notification and event escalation

    Ability to control System via various means in addition to simple monitoring

    Abilty to log data locally as well as to centralized server

    Implement calculations and information synthesis from collected data and control parameters

    Monitor and log events and alarms

    Provide engine protection features (ex. rod load limits) and engine shutdown in certain cases

Features of the Local User Interface include:

    l  Ability to monitor the system.

    The ability to control the system locally

    Restriction of control features to authorized users

  Features of the Central Server include:

    Ability to communicate with many diverse monitor and control devices

    Data warehousing capabilities

    Integrates into existing business processes

    Perform data analysis on field operations

  Features of the Enterprise User Interface include:

    Flexible interface to pertinent information

    Facilitate knowledge transfer

    Convenient and flexible reporting

    Ability to export selected data

    Customizable views or dashboards


How it Works;