National Analytics, Inc. offers training programs that will provide developers with the fundamental skills necessary to build complex applications.  

These training programs will teach developers tools and techniques that are directly applicable to their projects.  They will also learn best practices for implementation of state machine driven architectures and how to de-bug LabVIEW code efficiently and effectively.  The training schedule and course material will be aligned so that the developers build their programming skills while implementing the NA Application Framework™.

Compared to other training styles, NA training focuses on teaching how to architect a complex system.  Starting with the NA Application Framework™ we discuss how to implement a project.  This includes how to think through the architecture modules and how to break the project down into manageable pieces that can be implemented and verified.  This approach appeals more to software developers.  Rather than teach developers all of the tools available within LabVIEW and let them figure out how to apply them to their respective projects, we’ve found more success in teaching them how to architect a system using both the NA Application Framework™ and the most relevant tools.  Once they have this foundation, then it becomes easier to work on learning and integrating the vast number of tools available to them from the basic software.

NA can provide training for any range of skill level, starting with the basics and progressing up through the highly experienced architect.  In our trainings, we use material from National Instruments and use the same skill level offerings.  The content, however, presented during training focuses on the most applicable skills and enforces methods that are proven to be effective in developing complex applications.  Based on the training needs of the developers, we can provide the following training sessions:

Basics I

o   Navigation

o   Data Types

o   While loops, For Loops, Case Structures

o   Arrays and Clusters

o   Effective File I/O

o   Modularity

o   State Machines

Basics II

o   Architecture overview

o   Variables

o   Timing

o   Synchronization

o   Queues

o   Advanced I/O

o   State Machines and Queues

o   Application planning and building

Intermediate I

o   User Interface Design

o   State Machine and Architecture Planning

o   Event driven design

o   Advanced data types

o   Error handling and de-bug

o   Code Verification

o   Application deployment

Intermediate II

o   Sharing Libraries and Vis

o   Programming for sharing

o   VI Server

o   Remote communication

o   Dynamic calls and loads

o   ActiveX, .NET Framework, TCP/IP

o   Advanced Queued State Machine

National Analytics also offers customized training courses that are designed to specifically meet your needs.

Included in the training sessions are the corresponding NI training materials.  Again, the NI material is not explicitly followed during the class, but used as a reference.  The presentation and discussions focus on application and improving the skills based on the project needs of the software developers.  Along with hands-on in-class implementations with the NA Application Framework™, the students come away from the course prepared to begin implementing code in their active projects.  While no single course can turn someone into a top-notch LabVIEW developer (only time and experience can do this), we can at least put them onto a path of standardization, which simplifies development making programmers more efficient.